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Stiltsville, my playground

Miami's waterways are as diverse as its community. There is truly something for everyone. Stiltsville is one of those amazing places. It is located on Biscayne bay about a 2 mile paddle from No Name harbor in Bill Baggs state park. As a kid (boater) I remember passing by these houses on my way back from an adventure thinking "wow we made it home". It was my beacon you could say. Now as a paddler I get to experience this beautiful picturesque place in a whole different way.

Stiltsville is one of those amazing places to paddle the Indigo Gran Sport Paddleboard

Currently there are about 7 houses standing on concrete stilts in shallow water. It's a flats area and the water ranges from 1 to 3 feet deep. There is a deep channel in between the flats that boaters use to get in and out of the ocean. Fun Fact, before Government Cut was made this was the only channel used to get in and out. Some historians believe that Stiltsville dates back to the early 1920s.

Stiltsville is one of those amazing places to paddle the gransport

This place is really one of a kind. The bright colored homes instantly make you feel like you are in a postcard. Its amazing how these homes have withstood the test of time.

Stiltsville is one of those amazing places to paddle the gransport

Paddling through here is very soothing. You are in the middle of no where and then all of a sudden you find these houses literally standing on water. When paddling through here you may run into some wildlife like birds, stingrays, manatees, dolphins etc.

Stiltsville is one of those amazing places to paddle the gransportThe Gran Sport is engineered to make you reach beyond your limits. Custom and stock versions available in 12’6” and 14’

Since, the water is so shallow it is generally always flat, which makes it a nice paddle. If you do decide to embark in this adventure always wear bright clothing. There are a lot of boaters and you want to make sure they can see you. Bring lots of sunscreen, take your safety gear and always use the buddy system.

For more information on Siltsville visit You can even rent one of these out!

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