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Manatee Native SUP Board All-Around Stand Up Paddleboards | Indigo Stand Up Paddleboards

Manatee Native
Recreational, Fitness & Touring SUP Board

This all-around board is excellent for beginners and those looking to have fun. This is a solid, stable and maneuverable board. You can do it all with this one. Great for fitness and leisure paddling, yoga, small surf and fishing. The Native Style is constructed using the best materials available. We use Innegra, Bamboo veneer and S-Glass, on top and bottom. The lamination process is done using a vacuum press technique that allows the resin to be distributed evenly and removes the excess waste. This process gives the board an unique look but it also adds strength and durability.

*Weight may vary depending on the type of construction, contact any of our team members for more details.


Length 10'.6"
Width 32.5"
Thickness 4.5"
Weight* 25 lb
Volume 185 L
Capacity 240 lb
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best use

race 10%
Recreation 100%
Paddle Surf 70%
fitness 95%
Touring 70%
  • EVA deck pad with multiple texture
  • Bungee system to carry your gear
  • Flat deck for a comfortable ride
  • 2-way maintenance free air vent
  • Futures strongbox single fin
  • FIC - Fiberglass Innegra Construction

  • 1 Lightweight EPS Core
  • 2 Innegra top and bottom
  • 3 6 oz Fiberglass reinforcement on deck
  • 4 Bamboo top and bottom
  • 5 4 oz Fiberglass top and bottom
  • 6 Hot coat
  • 7 EVA deck pad
  • 8 Light and durable graphic paint
  • $1,499.00

    Prices above reflect boards designs as is, custom boards price may vary Contact us for more detail

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