Custom Stand Up Paddleboards by Indigo SUP Boards Miami

The building of our custom Indigo SUP

Delfos, at Indigo SUP did an incredible job of putting together the best board that I and a few others have ever seen or paddled. Being a part of everything, including the computer drawing made the experience special. The incredible skills of Delfos, on every level, gives the customer what she or he really wants for their particular needs for a board.

Custom made SUP in the USA by Indigo SUP Indigo Grand Sport

He surely is becoming infamous for the art on his boards.
SUP Yoga Indigo Paddleboards Custom SUP

This one is no exception, you nailed all of our logos perfectly. This board is the fastest, most stable and easily the most beautiful board I have ever had the pleasure to experience...and I mean pleasure, to watch this board move through the water-while on it- is a constant dream come true..she just slices through the water with only clean ripples anywhere you smooth.

Indigo SUP is becoming infamous for the art on his SUP boards

After our wild dolphin season in Bimini, if all falls into place. This board will roll cross country and be the platform for freediving with the wild Orcas around the Vancouver area...

Indigo SUP customer realzing on Grand Sport Touring SUP Board Cursom Stand Up Paddles

Thank you so much Delfos...


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No matter where you are, you can get to a launch point in minutes. And how far you want to go is up to you. Take your board and reach beyond the shore!

Here is a small list of Stand Up Paddleboarding-friendly beaches and waterways in Miami area: